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The mission of the Collie Edison & Willie T. Coats Foundation is to promote, build, and educate neighborhoods to facilitate growth, developing awareness, and supporting community involvement.
The beginning of the Collie and Willie Tee Coats legacy began on May 23, 1941 in Alamo, Georgia.  Collie was the son of Henry and Daisy Coats.  Willie Tee was the daughter of James Victor and Lillie Mae Turner.  Soon after their marriage, they moved to Miami, Florida, where they raised 17 children: 10 sons, 4 daughters, and 3 adoring nieces.  Collie worked as a construction worker throughout South Florida; Willie Tee was a homemaker, PTA parent, missionary/Sunday school teacher, and a neighborhood mother known affectionately as “Muh.”  The caring and giving family they raised developed into a network of people.
by Ebony R. Coats   The Collie Edison & Willie T Coats Foundation, Inc. is a private family legal entity that pursues building better neighborhoods by implementing services that fosters educational growth and development of community pride, and providing opportunities for traditional American values to emerge. Members of the Collie Edison & Willie T Coats...
Did you know that just by collecting simply loose change that many of us have lying around can make a difference? The Change-4-Change Campaign is a continuous project for the CWC organization that has proven to be a great success.  How does it work? For each board member and his or her family member(s) mason jars are...
Thanks for joining me! Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton
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